Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Fabulous Friends Hannah and David

What I Love About My Sweet Friend Hannah
       She was one of my "bestest" roommates ever. We lived together in Kansas City while at IHOP (International House of Prayer- not pancakes :)) and would talk on our couch almost every night for a few hours without every running out of things to say. We can do "nothing" because if we are together "nothing" becomes fun. She is my favorite person to dance in the rain with, sunbathe in random fields with in Kansas City (we were both beach girls going through withdrawals), and my favorite person to sit across from at Panera (particularly with Alisa when we are practicing our "hellos", discounting Germans, and analyzing the implications of my date's shoes- I still think you can tell a lot by a person's shoes). Hannah sits before the Lord, and when she hears from Him, she steps out in obedience even at great cost. He is her First Love. She has a call on her life to the nations, so I know that the Lord will bless many through her. There are so many things that I love about my friend, but one of my favorite things is how loved she makes me feel when I am in her presence. I love the bittersweet way she looks at me right before we are saying goodbye (although I am not fond of saying goodbye to her) - it is one of those moments I wish I could bottle. Hannah is a gem with many facets that I am still discovering, but she is one who the more you get to know her , the more you love her! When are you coming back to DC Hannah?

What I Love about My Fabulous Friend David

       I love that I have managed to get him saying "fabulous" as a regular part if his vernacular. He is a deep conversationalist, a great question asker and listener- he draws me out in a way that not that many others do (he makes it way above "the above average listener" of seventeen seconds before interrupting- according to David the above average listener can only make it seventeen seconds without switching the focus of the conversation to themselves... How long do you typically make it? :) I first met him when he was in high school through his amazing sister Mary Ruth (who is one of my best friends), but it was our road trip to NY with Matthew Stroia that officially marked the beginning of our lifelong friendship. He is my favorite person to laugh uncontrollably with at staff meetings and my favorite person to get caught in a time warp with at scrumptious Cosi's (Is four and a half hours our record so far David?). He has a tenderness and humility before the Lord but an authority on his words when he prays. The youth at DC Metro are in for a treat to have a leader that will teach them what it means to be one who knows the Lord and His ways in this generation and will model the importance of building a secret history with God. I feel incredibly blessed to call him my friend and to "do life" with him and the other amazing people helping plant DC Metro Church (more about them later :)). 

Thank you Hannah and David for making life richer and more 
F-U-N! I Can't Wait 4 our Next Adventure Together... 


Pappa-Gooch said...

JuJu! You are so incredibly fabulous yourself!!!!!!!!!! :-) David

p.s. that word is only used when you are some how involved or within hearing range!! ;-)

Hannah said...

You are amazing my sweet friend. I love you and miss you so much!!!

Hannah said...

Alisa and I were just joking about the "wicker" shoes and the no German rule...heeheehee:) that was such a fun girly night.

Oh and I will come and visit again;)