Monday, March 31, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over

Our fun new mailer that went to homes all over the DC Metro area this past week-exciting! Our desire is to provide a place where people can experience God in a real, relevant, and enjoyable way as we seek to build a God-firat culture in the DC Metro area!

Hello again! I fell into the non-blogging vortex of my overflowingly full life. I have a number of reasons including being denied access to my blog for a while (I thought I was going to have to start over), and my camera breaking (you have to have fun pictures avec your blog- don't worry I have a cute new pink camera now because my last one was under warranty), but the truth is blogging felt like a luxury when I had so many other time-sensitive responsibilities vying for my attention. Over the past two months we have launched DC Metro Groups (I am so honored to oversee this ministry), started Starting Point (a class for new believers I am helping lead), and I have turned in the "hopefully final draft" of my dissertation (hooray!). In the mean time, I have loved teaching Spiritual Formation class at Regent University and loved being surprised by the depth of my sixth grade class at Immanuel (recently they asked me about the origin of evil in the world and the ultimate purpose of humanity being created.)

I have managed to squeeze in some F-U-N including a trip to NC for my nephews 4th "Fireman" Birthday party, a delightful Pizza and Prayer night (Matthew, Andee, Pheobe, David and I got togther to seek God and pray over each other- I love these times!), a refreshing trip to Richmond with my fearfully and wonderfully made (aka very unique :)) friend David to a conference on prayer, and an amazing trip to sunny Florida (to visit my sweet parents, by dear friend Jenny and her husband Ben, and to spend time with one of my best friends from grad school Nadia- pictures of our fabulous vacay will follow soon), and my wonderful extended family Leah, Hannah and Trevor came to visit DC this past weekend. I am pleased to report in the midst of all this fullness, the Lord has been drawing me deeper. Over the past couple of months He has been awakening a deeper hunger for Him. This is an answer to the cry of my heart to know Him more. I am so thankful for this journey and for what He is pouring into my life in this season. My cup runneth over!


nadiabien said...

How come you're so awesome? Yay that I get to be your friend!! I love you!!!!!!

David G. said...

Welcome back JuJu!!!! My Joy runneth over for having you back in the blogging world!!! Your GREAT!! And your fearfully and wonderfully made! ;-)))))