Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

My Mom and Dad were born 6 days apart- some things were just meant to be. They met at a church reception that my dad did not want to go to. He had a round of golf scheduled with his friends, but his mother made him cancel to go to the reception for the new minister. Little did my dad know that the woman of his dreams would be waiting there! He asked her to go on a date Saturday night, but got confused and showed up at her door Friday night. My mom says it was because he could not wait to go out with her!

I can see why he was so taken with her. My mom is an amazing woman- she is definitely a look a the glass as half full woman. She is like a gold miner who always looks for the best in everyone and every situation. When you want something done, put my mom in charge. She is a go-getter and loves to use this gift for kingdom purposes. She has never met a stranger and will go the extra mile to serve someone she just met. She adores people (I get this from her :)) and has an incredible ability to make them feel encouraged and loved. She has been on the sidelines cheering for me at every important event I have participated in since my first swim meet at age three.

Some of my favorite memories with my mom are: planting daffodils in the front yard, our 2 month whirlwind tour of Europe with my sister (she had more energy than both of us!), making pancakes before church every Sunday, the memories growing up at 1905 Lafayette, trips to the beach every summer, winning a trip to California together for raising the most money for the swim-a-thon when I was eight, The Children's Theater Plays she helped me memorize my lines for, Camp Miniwanca, Women of Faith Conferences, working on countless papers together, watching Hallmark movies, teaching me how to play tennis, the Alpha course in Florida, organizing the Potter's Wheel conferences for Andee, Taryn, Melanie and me, family reunions on Figure Eight Island, our first trip to Regent when we both felt God saying this was my next step, editing my dissertation, laying by the pool at Sea Oaks Beach Club on Easter, hours upon hours of phone conversations, and just being unconditionally loved by her through every season of my life. Happy Birthday Mom- I love you so much!

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